Vacuum forming

Ultra-precision moulded parts

with the finest contours require controllable temperature conditions.

Consistent monitoring of the production process – visualised in a quality window that is defined by the user.

Perfectly positioned sensors on the tool and vacuum forming machine supply real-time process data throughout the entire production procedure.

If the specifications are exceeded or fallen short of, there is immediate notification. As an acoustic alarm, for example. Also possible: Direct rejection of the product or shutdown of the machine.

Temperature monitoring of the finished product using the infrared camera that is integrated into the system

A consistent temperature distribution on the plastic plate is also crucial for the moulded part quality in vacuum forming.

The forming temperature is also crucial to the quality of the moulded part. This can easily be visualised using the IR camera. In this way, cooling fans can be aligned accurately in the production process.

Cursor with temperature display

Error indicator: Green – in range Blue – below temperature Red – excess temperature. Hotspots help to automatically detect when the temperature is exceeded or fallen below.

Your benefits

Display of the exact softening and forming temperature

Increase of cycle time

Guarantee of consistently high product quality

Reduction of post-production due to defective quality