How the system works


Applications of Toolvision

  • Automatic roll-fed for forming / punching
  • Automatic roll-fed for seperat forming and punching
  • Sheet thermoforming machines
  • Form, Fill and Seal lines (FFS)
  • Skin and blister packaging machines

The innovative measuring technology from Toolvision® monitors the entire thermoforming process in real-time.

The process data is continually and reliably recorded, visualised and documented in every phase of production. If the system raises an alarm, for example if the temperature is too high, your employee can initiate the necessary steps immediately.

This means: 100% process control. Software and hardware are scalable and can be adapted to any requirement, both in new and existing production facilities. The flexible system is clear to use and employees need only a brief induction. Toolvision® accelerates and optimises your production procedure and also simplifies the operability of the machine due to integrated item management.

Together with your team and our experienced specialists, we will put together the specific sensor technology needed to ensure flawless end products. The procedure is optimised wherever this is required. This reduces time-intensive and costly production grinding and increases the quality of your products.