Up to 5 % less material use

Up to 50% reduction in start-up waste and time

Amortisation time of less than 6 months

Save thousands of wasted units

Stable production process

Application of Toolvision

Steel rule die

When it comes to mass packaging production, automatic moulding machines have to impress with their performance, accuracy and cost-effectiveness. The easy-to-use Toolvision® system consistently monitors and documents all important on-site process data throughout the entire production run. In case of discrepancies, you can react immediately and quickly optimise your production process.

Cup forming / Trim-in-place

A perfect tool is the basis; measuring technology from Toolvision® completes the equipment needed for outstanding results. Whether it’s drinking cups, yoghurt pots or plant pots – you get more top-quality product output. Continual process monitoring and the reliable transfer of production data means all the relevant information can be accessed easily. Your production processes develop constantly and improve in the long-term.

Vacuum forming

Heating – forming – cooling – removal. The small-series production of precision thermoformed parts is challenging. Toolvision® offers a deep insight into every single production stage and monitors all the relevant performance data. The professional measuring system provides the necessary transparency and reports any irregularities immediately. As a result, you can always comply with your high quality standards.

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