Steel rule die

A sophisticated machinery concept needs:

Perfect control technology and an intelligent measuring system

Process and envelope curves during steel rule die

The adjacent graphic shows the production process and shows the quality window in the form of envelope curves. These can be positioned very simply on the process curves for monitoring purposes. As soon as the process curves deviate from the target value of the quality window, an immediate error message occurs in the form of an acoustic signal or the product is immediately rejected. The special requirements for separate forms and stamps are taken into consideration by the intelligent measuring technology.

Reference curves

Your start-up process is accelerated considerably using reference graphs. This means: up to 50% less start-up waste, and consequently lower material use and material costs. The start-up process can be adapted using the real-time data of Toolvision

Recording of the product with the infrared camera in image mode

The integrated IR camera visualises the temperature profile of the product or film. A consistent film temperature is crucial for the product quality during a thermoforming process. It goes without saying that the hotspots can automatically detect when the temperature threshold is exceeded or fallen below. The adjacent graphic shows the temperature distribution of a finished product.

Your benefits

Process visualisation and continual real-time process monitoring

Documentation of the production run

Reduction of start-up waste by up to 50%

More production output and product stability

save thousands of wasted units

No post-production due to deficient quality