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successful production under best conditions

Basic equipment without central plug connector

TVS Box with sensor

Basic equipment with central plug connection

Infrared camera with cooling jacket

How can your entire production process become more efficient? How can you minimise your reject rate and still produce at a greater speed and with a higher quality?

We have asked ourselves these questions and developed a unique measuring technology for you – from practice for practice. Can be used on any thermoforming machine and all tools, as well as for film and plate processing. With Toolvision®, you get all the relevant key data at a glace and can see how an optimal production procedure can look with the innovative measuring technology.

The measuring system makes it possible to cater flexibly to customer requirements. In this way, the basic model is defined to your details and equipped in the required configuration. We set up the “Toolvision®-ready” tool in your tool shop and work with you to get started after a detailed induction for your employees.



Requirement analysis
During an open exchange, we will find out what’s important to you.

Creation of solution concept
You receive a concept that is tailored precisely to your production process.

Implementation following the build-to-order-principle
We configure Toolvision® to meet your specific requirements, train your employees and start up the measuring system on your premises.


Possible measuring points
Compressed air Forming pressure
Hold down pressure
Vacuum Base vacuum
Tool torsion Stamping force
Position measurement Retaining device
Tensioning frame
Clamping frame
Thrust position
Sealing edge thickness
Temperature measurement Tool temperature
Film temperature